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Don’t try to file the form yourself when you have plenty of options. We can take the headache of filing away and review your options.

If you are looking to set up your S-Corp. The first step is filing form 2553. We can file it for you.

By now you are probably aware of all the advantage to being taxed as an S-Corp. We know that this is the #1 structure for small business owners.

If you file the form late it might get rejected. So make sure to stay on top of the filing and get it accepted ASAP. We can help you with the process.

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There are not many folks who can help you file form 2553. It can be tough to file and you need an online filing source. We take away the pressure.

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S-Corps will lower overall taxes by lowering your employment taxes. This makes the process of tax filing much easier.

IRS Authorized

As a licensed CPA firm we can help people all day long with their filing requirements. Setting up an S-Corp could not be any easier.

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It is helpful to engage an attorney with the process. We will work directly with the IRS to get the form filed on time and accurately.


I knew that filing the form was tough but I did not know that they could do it for me. It was great having them help in the process.

– Jessica Matlock

The key to the process was really communication. There is no reason that you should be doing this yourself. Filing form 2553 is not simple and can take a lot of time.

– Eric Jenkins

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